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Our Rugby Club Mission & a Parent's Role

The Club is in its 10th year. Spring 2017 will be our fifth competitive season as a DHS Varsity sport. Parental support is crucial to the success of the club/team and makes the season flow smoothly. In general, the Club's ideal is to embrace the rituals and traditions of rugby, for players and parents alike. Socializing is one of those traditions, as you may know from the home match entertainment & various social gatherings organized throughout the year. If you are a new parent member of the Club, want to know more about rugby, or just have questions about what goes on overall, please ask. There are people on the sidelines always willing to help, and specific questions can be addressed to the Club email, or to any of the coaches. In addition, a spectator's guide to rugby is available on this website under LEARN RUGBY. We are looking forward to a successful, fun season. Please join us as often as you can.

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